Calendar of Events

Events for 2022-2023 School Year

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April 28
Co-op Field Day
High School Praise and Pancakes
High School Student Council Elections

May 5
High School Teacher Roast and Toast

May 9
High School Prom (grades 10-12)

May 12
High School Art and Spanish Day

May 19
High School Mock Interview
High School End of Year Party

May 22
High School Cedar Point Trip

May 26
High School Make Up day - As Needed

June 4
Senior Graduation

2023-2024 Co-op Dates
September 14th (evening) Mandatory Meeting for all Co-op and Elective Families
September 22 (co-op)
October 6, 13, & 27 (co-op and electives)
November 10 (co-op and electives)
December 8 (co-op and Christmas Celebration)
January 12 & 26 (co-op and electives)
February 9 (co-op and valentine's celebration)
February 23 (co-op and electives)
March 8 & 22 (co-op and electives)
April 12 (co-op and electives)
April 26 (co-op and field day)

High School, Field Trip, and Special Event Dates to come...